Arsene et les Pipelettes

By combining fine comfortable fabrics, soft colours, impeccable cuts, ‘Arsène et les pipelettes’ creates a subtly vintage look with humorous designs. 

Chloe de Bailliencourt, the young French designer behind the brand, brings a relaxed and sophisticated range for cheeky little boys who, like Arsène, want to imitate their daddy’s weekend wear. A pretty collection is also offered for the ‘pipelettes’: little chatterboxes who love twirling dresses and skirts… 
The delicate materials used are from a bygone era of finery: washed linen and poplin, fine jersey, soft cotton and lace. Unsurprisingly, it’s the South West of France that inspires Chloe’s designs and Arsene et les pipelettes transports you to a world of laidback sunny days and idyllic holidays spent on the beach. 



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